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Tribute to the Brave Afghan Mulla Dadullah

By Ibn Ghalib Al-Kayfi


There is no compulsion on a one-legged man (To fight in the path of Allah) - Qur’an

By Allah, I wish to step with this one leg of mine in paradise”, Amr Bin Al-Jumuh, the companion of the prophet, before the Battle of Uhud

How do you mourn a man living in eternity?
How do you mourn a man who changed the course of history?

How do you mourn a freeman in the age of slavery?
In the age of cowardice, how does one mourn bravery?

How in the age of crusaders and sons of Zion,
Nay in the age of snakes, how do you mourn a lion?

But Kandahar and the Hindu Kush mountains cry out
As does Jalalabad, Qunduz and Shahi Kot…

Do not mourn a prince who was a master of the fight!
Do not mourn a warrior, a champion, a knight!

Mourn yourself until you break your shackles
Mourn yourself until you join the battle

But do not mourn Dadullah!

There was no compulsion on him, but as a freeman he fought an empire

Dadullah, step with your one leg in paradise, for that was your desire.

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