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Ummah : Kristianasasi di Bangladesh

The Muslim Ummah owes a great responsibility to safeguard the Muslims of Bangladesh against the conspiracies and attacks of Christian fundamentalists and Christian NGOs. If actions to arrest the issue are not taken by all concerned and the NGO bombs are allowed to explode, a Lebanon-like situation will fast emerge in the country to the bewilderment of everybody. The Muslim NGOs working in Bangladesh are very insignificant. The situation demands us to set up more and more Muslim NGOs to combat this great aggression of western imperialism - Saidul Islam.

The Crafty Project: Christianization of Bangladesh

Western non-governmental organizations are operating in all parts of the world. Many are doing great work in alleviating poverty and helping with development efforts. Unfortunately, some have hidden agendas. Presently Bangladesh has the NGO density of 3.5 foreign NGOs per square mile. Most of the foreign NGOs, under the banner of "development partner", are working to remove poverty and to bring education, and progress to the country. Their failure to do so has instead brought about an increase in tensions and social problems in Bangladesh.

Their hidden agenda is now evident. Their activities can best be described as 'the revived form of imperialism' and 'neo-colonialism', a great threat to the entire nation and its majority Muslim population, estimated at 86%.

These organizations bring billions of dollars to help the poor people, but only 5% goes to the target group. The rest of money is spent to materialize their hidden agendas; to convert the indigenous population to Christianity.

In the 190 years of colonial rule in united Bengal, only 111,426 people were converted to Christianity. Out of this converts, about 50 thousand were citizens of Bangladesh. The number of Christians in the territory had risen by 400% from about 50,000 in 1947 to 200,000 in 1971. According to one estimate, in the period between 1971 and 1991, the number of Christian converts in Bangladesh has risen from 200,000 to 400,000.

Christian sources tend to underplay their numbers, but it is reported that their goal is to increase the Christian population to 10-12 million in the next 20 years.

The methods used by these NGOs are corruption, seduction and conversion. The policy of the most Christian NGOs is to employ Muslims last and to favor those who convert. The idea is to create an economically and educationally influential community of converts who would, in due course, like in many parts of Africa, control all the key sectors of power: education, economy, social policy, bureaucracy and military.

by Saidul Islam - iviews.com. selanjutnya...

Saidul Islam is a graduate of the International Islamic University of Malaysia and is currently doing his Masters in Sociology at York University in Toronto. Much of the author's statistics were based on published reports, including "A study on the role of NGOs in the abnormal growth of Christian Population in Bangladesh," Dhaka, 1993.

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2 Responses to “Ummah : Kristianasasi di Bangladesh”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    There is no doubt that Christian NGOs have done a lot to lift the poverty level of Bangladesh.
    This report sounds a bit crazy!
    Bangladesh Newspapers are filled with articles about how bomb attacks are traced back to Madrassas and Muslim NGOs. "only 5%" arrive at the people in need is a nice fantasy number which is far away from the facts. It might be that a number twister happened: 5-10% are used as administration fee.
    The accusation of corruption is also weird. One part of NGO work is to enable people to work against corruption.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i tought muslim number are rising fast from previous report? because muslim in arab are busy decorating their house with gold and car with silver. the christian NGO are the want who are mostly helping muslim all over the world. is it a lie?  

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