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Anak-anak Jeanne gembira untuk ibu dan PM

Gambar yang tertera di bawah adalah gambar dari berita Bernama keluaran UtusanOnline hari ini. Pasti sudah diluluskan untuk siaran umum, ianya bertepatan dangan piawaan Islam Hadhari.

Jeanne's Children Happy For Their Mum And Uncle's Marriage

PUTRAJAYA, June 7 (Bernama) - Nadiah and Nadene, the daughters of Jeanne Abdullah, are happy that their mother and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also their uncle, would be married on Saturday.

"We are both very glad for our mum and uncle," said Nadiah when contacted by BERNAMA.

Nadiah, 29, said two good people have managed to find each other and the most important thing was they are happy and would be able to look after each other and keep each other company.

The daughters, on behalf of their mother, also thanked family, friends and the public for their warm wishes and blessings.

"We are very grateful for all the support," said Nadiah who runs a visual communications company in Kuala Lumpur.

Nadene, 27, is involved in the fashion industry, dealing with fashion-related and lifestyle projects.

The Prime Minister's Office yesterday announced the marriage which would take place at the prime minister's official residence "Seri Perdana" and to be attended by close relatives.

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