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Pas tidak konsisten - Zam

Islam Hadhari dengan wawasannya!

PAS Inconsistent In Its Stance - Zam

SUNGAI PETANI, April 8 (Bernama) - Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin says PAS has been inconsistent in its stance and it shows that its leaders are only trying to win people's support.

The PAS government in Kelantan had outlawed tomoi (Thai kickboxing) but later lifted the ban, he said.

It had also disallowed singers Asmawi Ani and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin from performing in the state but the restriction was withdrawn after they were aware that the people did not support them, he added.

When closing a programme in Kampung Teluk, within his Merbok parliamentary constituency, here today, he said PAS always believed that whatever they did was Islamic while others' were not.

Its leaders were arrogant in claiming that they practised Islam in toto but instead, they had tarnished Islam's image by often doing the opposite of what they had claimed, he said.

"A good government should have visions besides allowing the people to participate in events they like," Zainuddin said.

He said although tomoi did not originate in Malaysia, its people should be given opportunities to learn the sport.

To some people, tomoi was a violent sport but it had discipline that could help build personality and confidence and should be promoted, he said.

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