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Umat Islam Australia akan tubuh parti politik

Australian Muslims enter politics

March 12 - Muslim leaders in Australia have announced plans to form a political party to fight what they say is growing Islamophobia.

The move came as the leader of a Christian party demanded an immediate halt to Islamic immigration to Australia, saying Muslims were beginning to dominate some communities.

Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilali (picture left), the Mufti of Australia, is leading the drive for the country's 300,000 Muslims to get more involved in politics.

Al-Hilali caused a storm of protest late last year when he described scantily-dressed women as "uncovered meat" and suggested they were inviting rape.

The Egyptian-born cleric faced calls to leave Australia but responded by saying that Muslims had more right to the country because they had paid for their tickets unlike many of the population's convict ancestors. more..

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