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Musharraf memerangi pejuang Islam di Waziristan

Ummah tidak akan bermanafaat dari pemimpin yang mengambil sekularisma dan nasionlisma sebagai ideologi perjuangan. Malah permusuhan mereka terhadap Islam merugikan ummah.

'Grand operation' against terrorists in tribal areas

Islamabad, February 6 (IANS) - Pakistan has deployed over 2,000 para-military personnel in volatile North and South Waziristan to hunt for "high value" terrorist targets.

The deployment is ahead of what the government calls "grand operation" in its Federally Administered Tribal Area bordering Afghanistan.

"Security forces are expected to begin a grand operation in the troubled Waziristan tribal region to hunt down Al Qaida and Taliban militants, including Baitullah Mehsud, who is holed up in the area," the Daily Times said yesterday quoting unnamed officials. (Picture left - They are alike, two separate bodies but with same ideologies!).

The daily said the intelligence agencies have alerted the Interior Ministry that 15 Taliban fighters arrived in Rawalpindi on January 25 with plans to target US and UN interests in Islamabad. Mehsud was reportedly involved in the kidnapping and murder of two Chinese engineers and their Pakistani driver in 2004. GulfNews

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