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Somalia - Tentera Amerika dibunuh dan ditawan

Americans are killed and captured in Somalia

Kavkav Center- 26 January 2007 - Several weeks ago Islamic affiliated website qaadisiya.com reported that the American troops where killed and captured once they landed in the Jubba region of Somalia following the air strikes by the Americans, the pentagon and the puppet government immediately rejected the Muslims claims.

But the claims has once again re-emerged this morning when one of the Arab league diplomats who was mediating between sheikh Shariif and the American ambassador in Nairobi spoke to the Al-sharq news paper from Qatar. Revealing in details the conversation in the meeting, he noted that the ambassador was demanding information on the missing troops claiming that the Islamic forces had taken them prisoners or some possibility might be that they had also fallen into the hands of tribal militia in the wooded regions.

He also noted that the ambassador was asking sheikh Shariif to return to Somalia and end the insurgency promising him that a new government will be formed free from the warlords.

How ever further insurgency was under way through out the week, on Thursday heavy explosion caused by mortars was heard around the whole Madiina district of Mogadishu causing the people to flee, Islamic sources said they attacked a puppet police station after they heard that several mosque clerics where being held there, In Kismayo 2 Ethiopian troops were killed and several wounded when gun men armed with pistols started firing on them, the gunmen forth went on to take the klashnakovs from the dead soldiers and the wounded.

In another development in Mogadishu a new organization known as "the people's resistance movement in the land of the Immigration" claimed to have killed many of the puppet government spies who have flooded the city after the capture.

In Jeabuti Sheikh Abu Mansuur who was the second head of the security department in the Islamic courts sent an audio tape to Islamic affiliated websites urging the people to not except colonization by the Ethiopian and the Americans and to resist, he further said that the Somali people are tested this by Allah and they have to overcome the test.

Many Somali people blame the Islamic court's security department for the failure of the war accusing them of miscalculating the level of force that the Ethiopians and Americans were prepared to use once the war breaks out and also going to Hajj when the war was about to begin. The Ethiopian with American air and naval support sent almost 25,000 troops and 100s of tanks, artillery, vehicles and also compact jets and helicopters against the 5,000 lightly armed Islamic forces.

The people praised sheikh Shariif for deciding not to take the enemy inside the cities which would have been catastrophic for the civilian population who have experienced 16 years of savage violence. KC

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