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Analisis : Bagaimana pula penjenayah Amerika & sekutu2nya?

What about other U.S.-backed and American killers in the world?
Shakeel Mohammed, AlJazeera.com

At long last they have done it. Done away with the President of Iraq, hanged before dawn on Eid. While one may or may not consider the death sentence as appropriate to Mr. Hussein, the question is do the people behind this act have any moral right for that? When I mention the people behind this act I do not mean the puppet regime but the Czar of all evils, Mr. Bush and his cohorts. If he had been tried before an independent court under a sovereign regime then it would have been different. But the trial carried out in this case was nothing but a shameless farce.

The reason given was the atrocities committed by Mr. Saddam Hussein during his rule over Iraq. Well, is he alone? What about the atrocities committed by other dictators around the world? Hosni Mubarak and other allies of U.S. who have done and are doing things that can only be considered crimes against humanity. How many of these are democracies? How many of these regimes respect human rights? And how many of these regimes receive American aid? There in lies the hypocrisy.

How about Israel? Over the years how many thousands have been massacred in Palestine?

Picture: Saddam Hussein moments before being hanged in Baghdad (AFP)

Remember Sabra and Shatila massacres? Will the U.S. have the spine to prosecute the Israeli leaders behind these horrible acts? Almost all Israeli Prime Ministers would have to face the death sentence as since the inception of the Zionist rule the murder of occupied population has been a daily occurrence.

Now let's have a look at the U.S. history. Was Truman ever tried for dropping atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What about the massacres of the Red Indians for the very establishment of white rule in Americas? Was anyone ever punished for the kidnappings, torture, killings and enslavement of blacks by the early settlers?

In the recent history: the Vietnam War, Korean War, Attack on Libya, Iraqi Occupation, Afghanistan invasion and numerous other violent acts by the U.S. have gone unquestioned. How come nobody is asking for the head of those responsible for all these horrendous acts?

Another question we need to ask is, wasn't America an ally of Saddam Hussein when he was said to be doing all these terrorist acts? On who's side was America when Saddam attacked Iran? Will America ever publish the details of weapons and other materials of violence they have supplied Saddam? Answer is anybody's guess. This is a nation which has adopted intimidation, violence and hypocrisy as policies of state.

Saddam was hanged for the death of 145 Shias. He may have been responsible for the death of few more thousands. But what about Mr. Bush? His invasion of Iraq alone has killed more than 650,000 people including children and women. If we count the death toll of Afghanistan invasion, Israeli aggression against Lebanon and Palestine, with the active support of U.S. president, then we will realize that we are looking at probably the worst killer in the history of mankind. One who is even worse than Hitler, Pharaoh and Genghis Khan. The Truth is for the last six years the White house has become the citadel of the Satan.

The day of Eid was intentionally selected to provoke and humiliate Muslims, to show to the rest of the world that they can do almost anything and get away with it. But the sad fact is that this very act will cost Americans dearly. Without doubt the extremist elements are going to enjoy a great harvest. This in turn will result in increased violence against Americans and other westerners.

We all need to realize that the present American ruling establishment is not an enemy of Muslims alone but of the whole civilized world. Its moronic and pompous acts will lead the entire world to its doom. The leaders of the world and the American public should not ignore the writing on the wall anymore. If you do so, then you are digging your own grave.

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