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Berita : Somalia & Ethiopia bergabung?

Somalia and Ethiopia to be “united”
Kavkav Center, 3 January

So call "internal affairs minister of interim Somalia government" Hussein Mohammed Farah Aideed, who has convened with tribal elders at former presidential house (Villa Somalia) in Mogadishu, said his "government" intends to wipe out the boundaries between Somalia and Ethiopia.

Aideed said puppet "government" wants that Somalia and Ethiopia share a single passport and wipe out the boundary between the countries - citing the unity of European countries as one nation and share one currency.

He said 60% of 2 millions Somali refugees live in Ethiopia and use Ethiopian passports. "Ethiopia and Somalia have 2,000 kilometers between them. The two Shabelle and Jubba rivers in Somalia come from Ethiopia. Now we need to eliminate the boundaries between us because we are brothers, and we will use one passport", he said.

He said "Ethiopia was the only country that was determined to set up a state in Somalia after more than years of without government".

"No country in the world cared about Somalia", he said.

He urged tribal leaders to support the puppet "government" and the Ethiopian occupation troops in the country.

Aideed, the son of a former warlord Gen. Mohammed Farah Aideed, has also indicated that the puppet "government" will completely move to the capital Mogadishu.

December 10, 2006, some members of the so call "transitional parliament" in Somalia put on view publicly a map which they said secretly stolen from the office of so call "prime minister" Ali Mohamed Gedi in Baidoa. The map shows all countries in African continent with Ethiopia annexing Somalia. Agencies

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