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Komen 1: Welcome to Islamic disco, Pas-style

Komen pembaca dari laman The Malaysian Bar, dengan nada sinis:

Written by Nik Elin bte Nik Abd Rashid on 18 December, 2006 at 12:37

There's just too much too little that the Tok Guru Nik Aziz wants to do in Kelantan. He is offering discos for non Muslims where no intermingling between sexes is allowed. And all patrons have to cover their aurat. Can you imagine wearing a lampshade jubah and swaying to the beat of "La isla Bonita" or "Lets Hear it for the Boy"?

And of course, no drinks except coke and orange juice. That's really fine, actually. But why would any politician of any sane mind want to encourage discos? It is not a culture for us Malaysians to emulate. The last time they said they will permit snooker centres. I certainly would not want my husband to go out to an all male disco or a snooker centre when he should be at home with the children and me. Isn't there any other sport that they could encourage as entertainment?

Snooker centres and discos serve no benefit at all except to the person who runs the entertainment outlet and the State Government coffers from the licensing fee they will be charging. I guess they are really desperate for money now.

There are many things that the state can do to promote tourism. Firstly, the hospitality of its people. They are all simple folks living in paddy fields, fishing villages, rubber estates, etc. I would suggest that the state government create a "stay at the locals home" as a tourist attraction. Get the locals to accept the tourists for a regulated fee. This way, the tourists benefit from the cultural exchange and the locals get the pecuniary reward. I am sure that the tourists would love the idea of staying in a fishing village off Kandis Beach in Bachok, eating home made budu and ikan kering rather than a disco that they can always go to across the border of Rantau Panjang. Unless of course, the state heads DO NOT wish for the locals to be exposed to UNISLAMIC or external influences.

Then we could encourage more children to be involved in local cultural arts, like Makyong, Menorah, traditional tarian asyik, kerche, dikir barat, wayang kulit and the likes. Get the State tourism department to sponsor these programmes. This way the traditional arts dont die off a sudden death. Take away the kirafah elements, if they must. But please dont turn us into Arabs which includes Belly dancing.

As for the local entertainment, my children enjoy their stay in Kuala Lumpur because it means that they get to see a movie as there are no cinemas in Kelantan. Why don't the State government allow cinemaplexes? If they really want "amar makruf nahi mungkar", (do good, stay away from evil), then perhaps give the loafers sitting at dataran MPKB or the malls a decent job. Most of them have turned to drugs and crime as there is just nothing much that they can do. Young girls are becoming GRO's in other states and unlicensed karaoke joints. (I know a lady who wears the tudung in the daytime and is a stripper at night to earn a living.)

The state governemt should promote Massage centres as the Mak cik and the pak cik can really cure us all of our fatigued bodies. The tourists would love that. Have open aired ones to dispel any notion of mungkar.

The Kelantan state government does not know where their priorities are. Clean up the roads, drains, water, air. Floods are an annual theme. Regulate parking. Not go after women with no tudung on.

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