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Berita : Protes di Beirut membara dengan pengebumian

Beirut funeral stokes tension

Lebanon's Hezbollah-led opposition is holding a funeral in Beirut for a protester killed in a shooting that has heightened political and sectarian tension.

The opposition blames the government for the death of a Shia Muslim who was shot after leaving a protest to demand the resignation of Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese prime minister.

Siniora has condemned the killing and ordered an inquiry.

"Martyred by the militias of the authorities," reads a banner at the site of the opposition's protest in central Beirut as demonstrators gather for a fifth consecutive day of protests.

"We want these ceremonies to be for the sake of Lebanon's unity and for the sake of the establishment of a Lebanese national unity government," Ali Bezzi, a Shia MP, told the crowds late on Monday.

Lebanon's army has deployed more soldiers in districts that lead to the protest site amid fears Sunday's killing could lead the country into sectarian violence.

The demonstration has been peaceful but the surrounding districts witnessed several clashes between residents and protesters, which has left one dead and others wounded.

The opposition said the incidents would not drive it to abandon plans for toppling the government of Siniora. More..

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