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Ummah : Jolok2 main dgn Islam Liberal SIS

SIS upset with delegates’ claims
The Star

Sisters in Islam (SIS) claims allegations made against the NGO at the Umno general assembly were “baseless and slanderous”.

The group expressed regret that delegates claimed SIS was involved in activities that undermined Islam.

“It is perplexing how any effort to speak about justice is seen as challenging Islam.

“These 'leaders' only seek to bolster support by silencing the voices of women and religious minorities,” said programme manager Norhayati Kaprawi in a statement yesterday.

“At a time when the Prime Minister is encouraging all Malaysians to be more introspective and proactive in upholding tolerance and moderation, we find the statements from the grassroots of his own party severely lacking in both these values.”

Norhayati said SIS had advocated for the right of Muslim women to sign forms for the school registration and transfer of children, application of their children's passports and consent for their children's surgery.

“When we objected to some of the discriminatory provisions in the latest amendments to the Islamic Family Law Bill last December, all women senators, including those from PAS, supported our campaign.

“How can it be that SIS 'challenges and tries to undermine the Syariah law'?”

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    Mari bertukar link? (-;  

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    alhamdulillah, silakan sdr rontol.. kami akan 'link'kan kakiblog..good blog!  

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