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Berita : Islamophobia di Belanda berterusan

Netherlands to ban burqa in public

The Dutch government has decided to ban the wearing of burqas and other Muslim full-face veils in public, justifying the move on security grounds.

Reports said on Friday that Rita Verdonk, the Dutch minister for immigration, would soon draw up legislation to impliment the burqa ban.

This will make the Netherlands, once among Europe's most liberal states, the first European country to impose a complete ban on Muslim veil.

Existing legislation already limits the wearing of burqas and other total face-coverings on public transport or in schools.

The debate on face veils and whether they hinder Muslim integration has gathered momentum across Europe. Several countries in Europe have already outlawed them in specific places.

"The cabinet finds it undesirable that garments covering the face, including the burqa, should be worn in public in view of public order, and the security and protection of fellow citizens," the Dutch justice ministry said.

Last December Dutch lawmakers voted in favour of a proposal by far-right politician Geert Wilders to outlaw face-coverings and asked Verdonk to examine the feasibility of such a ban.

Because veils were worn for religious reasons, Verdonk had feared new legislation could come into conflict with religious freedom laws. But she said on Friday that this was not the case.

France has banned the Muslim headscarf and other religious garb from state schools while discussion in Britain centres on limiting the full facial veil or niqab.

Italy has a decades-old law against covering the face in public as an anti-terrorism measure. Some politicians have called for this rule to be enforced against veiled Muslim women.

The Netherlands' Muslim community estimates that only about 50 women in the country wear the head-to-toe burqa or the niqab, a face veil that covers everything but the eyes.

Dutch Muslim groups have complained that a burqa ban would make the country's one million Muslims feel more victimised and alienated, regardless of whether they approve of burqas or not.

Job Cohen, the Labour mayor of Amsterdam, said he opposed burqas in schools and public buildings, and said women wearing one who failed to get a job should not expect welfare benefits. more..

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3 Responses to “Berita : Islamophobia di Belanda berterusan”

  1. # Blogger thepinkangel

    I don't think its about alienating a particular relgion. Its about safety !! Also, and this only my opinion, not meant to disrespect any one religion, but making women cover their face is condescending and oppressing. From my knowledge, and I could be incorrect, the wearing of the face cover was originally so that woman wouldn't "entice" or "tempt" men in a sexual manner. Are these men animals with no self control?  

  2. # Blogger Sinta Santi
  3. # Anonymous obat penggugur

    thanks gan artikelnya...  

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