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Negara Islam Hadhari, Genting, Judi dan Rose Chan

Rose, Rose they love you

GENTING HIGHLANDS: Legendary striptease queen Rose Chan has come hauntingly back to mesmerise an audience enchanted by her life and times.

Youngsters and old timers, some travelling long distances, came to the Genting International Showroom here, where the musical Rose, Rose, I Love You, inspired by cabaret era of the stripper, premiered on Friday night.

It will be staged today before taking a break and showing again from Nov 9 to Nov 11.

Set in post-war Malaya in the 1950s, the musical revolves around a group of travelling performers whose earnings are determined by the applause they receive at the end of the show.

In that vein, each performer would try to outdo each other.

Tin Tan takes the leading role in the musical, supported by Carmen Soo (Xuan), K.K. Wong and Tony Eusoff.

Although Rose Chan was notoriously known for her brazen exploitation of her sex appeal, the musical was mild and did not showcase anything too raunchy.

The main highlight was Tin Tan in the “nude” in one scene during the 90-minute musical.

Though set in the 1950s, the musical featured a mixture of new and old songs, including current chart topper Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston) and past favourites such as Like a Virgin (Madonna), I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) and the Mandarin version of the classic, Rose, Rose I Love You (Yao Lee).

Yim Mei Choo and Low Ngai Yuen wrote Rose, Rose I Love You.

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