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alJazeera - Wawancara Live dgn ZAM (original)

Sebahagian dari komen terawal yang dipetik dari youtube.

abuzaim (4 hours ago)
"Protests are illegal because we have elections," he says. But these protests were ABOUT THE ELECTIONS! -- and how it is unfair and biased against the opposition.

It's good that he went on air to defend the government's position, and all. But he was blabbing away like a lunatic, I'm a Malaysian and definitely acquainted with the Malay accent but even I couldn't understand half of what he's saying.

I must say, I'm rather embarrassed.

(3 hours ago)
What a crazy man!

malaiziya (3 hours ago)
gosh what was he speaking was that even proper english (mind that he is a minister)... wonder which kampung (village) was he picked from...

(3 hours ago)
Zainuddin Maidin, you are pathetic. The audience can feel you are nervous and tremble. Is this the way you handle provocative question? I bet M Nasir can do better than you

(3 hours ago)
pak lah... time for you to step down...

(3 hours ago)
Who can seriously tell say this is the voice of an intelligent man. To know that such shallow types are running the country is a joke. When I see the videos I see grass root Malaysian of different races coming together in harmony to protest in unity. But the governement keeps reminding us that we need to be in harmony. They (the government) should look at themselves... obviously disunited in parliment and blaming the grass roots. Or more seriously, trying to seperate us Malaysians. Baca seterusnya di YouTube

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