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Indonesia mungkin laporkan tindakan Malaysia kepada UN

Indonesia May Report Malaysia To U.N.

The Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) is looking into the possibility of reporting Malaysia to the United Nations Human Rights Commission over a recent spate of violent acts against Indonesian nationals in the neighboring country.

"If such cases continue to happen, the House of Representatives will consider to report the cases to the UN Human Rights Commission," House Speaker Agung Laksono told the press at the Parliament Building here on Wednesday.

Agung alleged the recent spate of violent acts against the Indonesian nationals was committed intentionally and systematically.

"Violence against Indonesian workers continues to happen," he said.

The National Mandate Party (PAN) faction early urged the government to take a stern measure against Malaysia by issuing a travel warning if Malaysia did not change its bad habit of torturing Indonesian migrant workers. The party believed that if necessary Indonesia should temporarily cut the bilateral diplomatic ties.

"We must have the gut to take a stern action. We very much regret it, we are angry because the government is very weak toward Malaysia. We should have responded equally," Head of the PAN faction at the Parliament Zulkifli Hasan said at the Parliament.

Zulkifly Hasan, who just called home his child who studied at the International Islamic School of Malaysia following the recent spate of violent acts against Indonesian nationals in the neighboring country, said that the action of the Malaysian volunteers who had detained the wife of the Indonesian embassy`s education attache in Kuala Lumpur demonstrated that the insults by the Malaysian security personnel and people against Indonesian citizens were on purpose.

"The insults have been committed systematically. We must fight back. Malaysia has started to demonstrate racialist attitudes," he said.

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