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Hamas selar negara Arab yang terus membisu terhadap jenayah Israel

Hamas Flays Arab Silence Over Israel’s Crimes

Kudus Yolu, May 27 - The Hamas’ prominent political leader Dr. Nezar Rayyan, for his part, deprecated the “unexplainable” Arab passiveness towards the ongoing Israeli massacres against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

He also questioned the advantage of the Arab military arsenal if it will remain stocked in military storehouses and not use in defending Palestine and the Arab and Muslim Ummah.

In this regard, Rayyan asserted that the locally-made Palestinian rockets proved to be more advantageous and more effective than the Arab military arsenal, asserting, “Our locally-made rockets is a strong weapon in our hands that despite their limited range proved to be stronger than the rusting Arab arms”.

“It seems that Arab weapons were only destined to be used against fellow Arabs and not against enemies of the Arab and Muslim Ummah”, Rayyan charged.

He also lashed at security apparatuses in a number of Arab countries for chasing and arresting those raising funds in favor of the Palestinian people and to support the legitimate Palestinian resistance.

Finally, Rayyan affirmed that the road to liberation was clear before Hamas, and thus, Hamas, he added, will pursue its national venture regardless of the price it might pay for it.

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