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Kelantan tawar Sukma 2008 pakaian menutup aurat

Berita Nisa' Games dan tawaran Kelantan kepada Sukma 2008 pakaian menutupi aurat bagi athlit wanita Islam juga dilapurkan di luar negara. Usaha dan tawaran ini harus diterima baik oleh Majlis Sukan Negara.

Islamic-wear for women athletes

Kuala Lumpur, February 19 (News24.com SA) - Malaysia's conservative northern state of Kelantan has offered to sponsor Islamic sports attire for women athletes in the upcoming 2008 Malaysian Games, state Bernama news agency reported late on Sunday.

Officials in Kelantan state, the only state in the country that is ruled by a hardline Islamic party, said the sponsored attire would cover a woman's "aurat" - parts of the body that should be covered, according to Islam.

State women, youth and sports committee chairperson Abdul Patah Mahmood said: "The sports attire will be an alternative to the ones worn by Muslim athletes presently."

Abdul Patah said the outfits would encourage more women to take part in sports such as swimming, where there was a lack of proper attire, as deemed by Islam.

"We will submit a proposal on it to the youth and sports ministry and if it gives the greenlight, we will show the design," he said.

On Saturday, Kelantan's chief minister Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had called for the state's women athletes to cover up when taking part in national or international events, reported Bernama.

Nik Aziz was quoted as saying: "Sporting events in Europe, where the athletes are clad as though in the bathroom, pain me as they tarnish the dignity of the sports themselves."

Kelantan is currently hosting the first Malaysian All-Women Games, which saw participation from about 1,200 women athlete.

Men are only allowed to attend the opening ceremony.

Kelantan last year banned women of all religions in the state from wearing sexy outfits, and has introduced fines for those working in shops and restaurants who dress "indecently".

It is ruled by the hardline Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party, which has lost ground to the ruling United Malays National Organisation's multi-ethnic coalition.

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