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Israel mesti hentikan pemulauan - Mishal

Mashal : Israel Must End Occupation

28 February 2007 - Khaled Mishaal, the supreme Hamas leader, Tuesday affirmed that Russia would exert efforts with the quartet committee to lift the one year old siege imposed on the Palestinian people.

Mishaal, at conclusion of a meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, said that Moscow expressed absolute understanding of the necessity to lift that siege and of starting cooperation with Palestinian national unity government.

Russia is working to draft a joint stand within the quartet committee to lift the siege, he elaborated and added that Russia expressed clear backing to the Hamas and Fatah agreement in Makkah.

Mishaal, in a meeting with the Palestinian community in Moscow, said that Hamas and Fatah have agreed on reforming the PLO in its capacity as the sole representative of the Palestinian people in the international arena.

He explained that the main elements of the Makkah agreement revolved around breaking the siege and securing international cooperation with the new unity government that is currently being formed.

The Hamas leader stressed that the Palestinian people refuse pressures from any party whatsoever, adding, "We believe that all pressures and dictates target one goal mainly to push our people into civil war". kudusyolu

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