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Al-Azhar sokong Islam Hadhari - Yadim

Percaya Islam Hadhari?

Yadim Sees Al-Azhar's Support For Islam Hadhari

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 7 (Bernama) -- The Islamic Da'wah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim) sees the upcoming Al-Azhar Alumni World Conference which will discuss efforts in rebuilding Islamic civilisation, as a testimony of the renowned Egyptian university's support for Islam Hadhari.

Its president, Datuk Mohd Nakhaie Ahmad, said the working papers to be tabled at the three-day conference from Feb 15 here were selected by the Al-Azhar University which supported the implementation of Islam Hadhari.

"They support the implementation of Islam Hadhari because this is the first time a country draws up a programme on Islamic civilisation when previously no other Islamic countries have translated government policies towards rebuilding Islamic civilisation," he told Bernama here Thursday.

He said Yadim, as the programme secretariat, would translate and publish all the working papers and resolutions of the conference and discuss with the university in implementing the resolutions at the global level on the belief that the governments of Islamic countries would give serious attention to the resolutions.

The conference, themed "Islam Hadhari: Between Heritage and Present Challenges", is expected to draw over 1,000 participants including from overseas.

Nakhaie said the Al-Azhar had given the mandate for Malaysia to decide the theme of the conference and titles of the working papers pointing to the theme.

He said scholars of the Al-Azhar were very excited to see the development and success of Islamic policies in Malaysia, such as in Islamic education, Tabung Haji pilgrimage fund and the Islamic financial system thrusting on Islamic civilisation.

Presently, he said, students from other Islamic countries were vying to further their studies in the religion and other fields in Malaysia, making it a hub for Islamic education and other fields of knowledge.

"The idea to hold the conference in this country came from the Sheikhul of Al-Azhar Dr Muhammed Sayyid Tantawi before it was agreed upon by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"The Sheikhul of Al-Azhar is of the opinion that one Islamic country strong in understanding and implementing Islamic policies is Malaysia on the back of the present Islamic world which is unstable and plague by disturbances triggered by differences between schools of thought," he said.

Nakhaie said divisions in the various Islamic streams would be touched during the conference as among internal challenges in Islamic civilisation while one of the external challenges to be discussed would be western thoughts which could be accepted by Islam.

He said the scholars and conference participants would also discuss the question of Islamic civilisation heritage.

"We want the Islamic mainstream belief held by the Companions of the Prophet, the scholars who inherit their knowledge traditions and the Sunni in understanding the Quran, to be preserved," he said.

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