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UIC keluarkan kenyataan akhbar pertama semenjak serangan ke atas mereka

Fights in Somalia and Press-release of Islamic Courts

Kavkaz, January 24 - Mogadishu Airport came under attack when suspected mojaheds attacked the airport with at least two mortar rounds killing one person and injuring at least 5 people, the airport was full of people after an arrival of UN plane carrying German officials and the prime minister was expected to land at the airport this morning.

Meanwhile further south in the Jubba regions, a Pentagon official spoke to the Washington post today to confirm further air strike was carried out in the south of Somalia were there is a large presence of the Islamic fighters, puppet "government" did not confirm the strikes and said they would look into the reports.

For the first time in as many weeks the Islamic courts have issued a press release to Muslims affiliated websites. experts of the press release is translated in English:

"We would like to inform the Somali people that the entire heads of the Islamic courts are safe and well, today Somalia has suffered an aggression from three different places"

1. America with its intelligence, training, funding, helped the enemy to occupy our land, they also added with war from air, land and sea.

2. The enemy Ethiopian that was sent to conquer the land

3. Kenya who helped with sanctions on political, border activities and handing Ethiopian opposition prisoners to the Ethiopian enemy.

"We would like to tell the Somali people they are under foreign colonization and we in the Islamic courts and every individual is our duty to fight these modern occupation"

"We are announcing to the Somali people that we no longer recognize the puppet "government" who have brought Somalia historic enemy to our lands"

"We in the Islamic court are still fighting in the Jubba regions and the attacks that are taking place in Mogadishu"

"We will continue to fight with our wealth and soul until our land is free from enemy occupation and colonization". KC

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