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Somalia - Serangan di Istana Presiden

President's palace in Mogadishu attacked

Mogadishu, January 19 - Heavy fighting erupted in the presidential palace compound, when gunmen attacked it with at least 8 mortar rounds, and then engaged in a fire fight with the so call "presidential guards" that lasted for 30 minutes spreading panic among the neighborhood residence.

Many witness said the fighting was heard around the neighborhood as gun men used heavy machine guns. Most of the Ethiopian troops left the city and only few are based in the airport and the sea port making it easy for the Islamic court troops to return the city and move around freely.

Speaking to Reuters news agency two Islamic fighters told earlier on Friday they had returned to Mogadishu and were planning attacks on Villa Somalia and other targets. (Picture left - Somalia's puppet President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed).

Ethiopian occupation troops moved out of many regions in Somalia and the Jubba regions where earlier in the month heavy fighting took place between the Islamic forces and the American-Ethiopian alliance.

Islamic affiliated website qaadisiya.com confirmed that Islamic Courts leader Sheikh Shariif made contact with them to confirm that he still in Somalia and never gave him self up to Kenyans authorities, and he also praised the resistance that is taking place in Mogadishu.

Several warlords are urging the Ethiopian occupation troops to stay fearing that once the Ethiopian troops withdraw that the Islamic force will resurface and take a painful revenge.

Speaker of the so call "parliament" Shariif Hassan Aden was removed from his position earlier this week as the "parliament" speaker, but he rejected it stating that it was illegal and would not accept it as the puppet "parliament" was a hostage to the Ethiopian and the so call "president" of Somalia, the EU also condemned the sacking. KC and Agencies

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