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Berita : Askar musuh akan cabut lari, mesej eid al-adha dari Mullah Omar

Mullah Omar: Foreign troops will flee Afghanistan

Foreign troops will be forced out of Afghanistan in the face of Taliban attacks, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, was reported as saying in a rare message on Friday.

In the purported message from Mullah Omar, sent to the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) news agency to mark the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, Mullah Omar said "aggressor forces" in Afghanistan and Iraq were facing defeat.

"I am confident that the enemy will run away in degradation and embarrassment... Afghans have always expelled their enemies by force and no enemy or aggressive force has left Afghanistan at its own will," Mullah Omar said.

He also said a plan to hold tribal councils, or jirgas, on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border in an effort to find ways to end the violence was a trap.

"Now the aggressor forces in our country want to entangle our valiant nation and tribes in their devilish trap by way of jirgas," he said, according to an Urdu-language translation of the message, issued by AIP.

"But I am sure that no Muslim will participate in something that is created by the aggressors and puppets. Those who attend will only be people who have sold out," he said.

"Our aggressor enemy has been defeated and now they are hatching new conspiracies for their survival," Mullah Omar said. Agencies.

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