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Melayu terus dilabelkan lemah

Selepas Pak Lah kata Melayu bermentaliti goreng pisang semalam, hari ini Melayu disuruh menjadi kiasu! Melayu terus diperbodohkan Umno?

Be kiasu, Malays told

SEREMBAN, Oct 29 - Malays need to be “kiasu”, that is, always wanting to be No. 1 or the best in whatever field they are in, said Royal Professor Ungku Aziz.

He said although being “kiasu”, meaning “extreme fear of losing” in Hokkien, had its bad side, Malays needed to embrace the courageous aspect to achieve excellence in life.

The “kiasu” attitude is among seven virtues for Malays outlined at a special forum at the National Agriculture Convention 2007 themed “Malays in Agriculture: Past, Present and Future” held here today.

Ungku Aziz said the Malays must also be brave to take risks, be siddique (telling the truth in Arabic), trustworthy and transparent as well as have a curious mind.

The economic expert said historically, before colonisation, the Malays were well known as seafaring traders in the region, courageously risking their lives.

Unfortunately, with the coming of the British, they were exploited and covertly brainwashed so much so that today they had not been able to rise to reach the glory of the Malay Sultanate.

Earlier, Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin also touched on the importance of the “kiasu” attitude in Malays.

“We must think of ways to change the Malay mindsets and their surroundings so that they would have the desire to win, to be active and crazy about work, loyal, responsible and to love their religion and brethren.”

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