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Judi, Judi, Judi..

Genting numbers bring punter luck

TheStar reports on October 31 - A PUNTER who won the first prize for the number 3909 last week, struck again with 8111 on Sunday, according to China Press.

The 8111 is the reverse of the last four digits of the Genting Group telephone number while 3909 is the reverse of 9093, a combination of Genting Group founder the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong's Chinese age (90) and the age stated in his obituary (93).

8111 was the first prize in the Magnum draw on Sunday. 3909 was the second prize in Da Ma Cai on Wednesday. The 44-year-old punter, known only as Lee from Cheras, said he would use the money for his son's education and donate some to the orphanages and old folks home.

Apart from the two combinations, others which punters had betted on were numbers related to Lim's age, year of birth and time of his death.

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